Game Character Hub PE: 3.10.0

Hi all,

Version 3.10.0 is now live, bringing exciting new features along with improvements and bug fixes.

New features:

  • Complete rework of the item library explorer. You can now open several tabs, navigate through folders faster and zoom in on the preview. Previewing a large file no longer freezes the window.
  • Colorize dialog features a new coloration technique: ‘color multiply’. It multiples color by another. In practice, it efficiently recolors the white parts of an item.
  • ’Export under different hues’ can use the color multiply technique.
  • Can now customize a pre-built set of shapes, which can then be drawn like any other.


  • The ‘export to png’ window has a new simplified view, with prefilled fields. The previous view is still available.
  • Gradient mapping tool is merged with the Colorize tool. It is no longer a distinct tool.
  • Improved status bar message with drawing operations.
  • ‘Export under different hues’ window asks for confirmation before closing.
  • Improved user interface of Colorize tool.
  • Improved color sliders visual aspect.
  • The character generator window no longer freezes when a character is being generated.
  • Writing the recovery file for large characters no longer freezes the user interface.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed rendering artifacts on large characters with zoom values lower than 1.
  • Fixed mass png export that stopped exporting spritesheets of a character at the first discarded spritesheet.
  • Upgraded Looseleaf license to Creative Commons 3, which allows commercial use outside RPG Maker engines.