Game Character Hub: PE 3.4.0

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce the release of GCH: PE 3.4! This release contains a bunch of important features, as well as some improvements and bug fixes.

The main new feature is a new tool delivered along with GCH, called gch-import-mv-dlc. As it is stated by its name, this program is able to scan your RPG Maker MV installation and create GCH generator parts out of it! To use this new tool simply launch GCH and go to “File > Import resources…” and click on “Import RPG Maker MV DLC(s)” button on the window that popped up. Beware though: Only RPG Maker MV Kids generator parts are currently supported by this tool. New generator parts will arrive in a future minor update.

Here is the complete changelog:

New features:

  • GCH provides a new tool to easily import RPG Maker MV DLCs (the list of supported DLCs will grow over time).
  • GCH provides a new user-friendly way to import custom resources. Go to “File > Import resources…” to check it out!
  • GCH character generator now allows you to tune the frequency of each item color variation. As a result, characters with unusual skin and hair color are generated much more rarely.
  • GCH can now open files whose format does not appear clearly in their filename (i.e. does not end with “.png” or “.gpf”, etc…). The program makes a first read of the file to deduce the format and then reads the file normally.


  • Improved character generator UI.
  • Improved item library indexing speed.
  • “View > Show Grid” now affects every document, not just the active spritesheet.
  • gchlib dump command now accepts an “-o” option to redirect the command output to a file.
  • gchlib exec command now accepts a “-continue-on-failure” option.
  • gchlib now forbids to have two references pointing to the same file.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the fact that the active sheet would change when adding an item from the library.
  • Selected animation in animation player will no longer be reset when changing current spritesheet.
  • GCH will no longer crash if the library indexer is still running when quitting.
  • Fixed potential dangling references in gchlib.