GCH:PE 3.1.0: Import custom resource feature and more

V3.1.0 Patch note
New features:

  • It is now possible to import custom resources via the user interface (File > Import custom resources) in addition to the command line tool.
    Updated the user guide with explanations on how to use this new interface.
  • Two new options are available for gchlib: -pck and -npck for gchlib list item. This can enumerate all the items that are (pck) or not (npck) in a pack.


  • Improved “Export as PNG” window. If the selected output file already exists, the spritesheet to export will be drawn over the existing image in the preview area.
  • Improved user guide with explanations on how to properly export RPG Maker MV Face/Damage spritesheets (In section “2.5 – Export character”).
  • Added new frame mapping processes in the RPG Maker MV pack.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a rare case where selecting frames would make GCH stop.
  • Fixed the issue where changing the layer composition mode made the layer turn black.
  • Fixed rare issue where the “Edit character’s dimensions” window would crash if it was validated with some wrong input.
  • Fixed RPG Maker VX Ace pack: the frame mapping processes were not properly configured.
  • Fixed issue where the recoloring option that features HSL sliders in item explorer would not recolor properly.
  • Fixed the frame mapping processes manager window: some parts of the window were not properly disabled for some settings.