VX Ace item fix and upcoming update news

Hello everyone,

We just released a small update for the Portfolio Edition. This update aims to fix RPG Maker VX Ace items. We added some files that were missing: 40 outfits and 6 glasses items. We also moved the naked body part to a location that is more natural (inside the Body/(Fe)male folders). We want to thank you for your support and your feedback on this!

Also, a few words about the next major update: It will bring Workshop support. Unfortunately Valve does not allow to import all GCH’s workshop files into the upcoming GCH:PE’s workshop. GCH’s workshop is getting bigger every day, and offers many top quality items thanks to you, and that’s something we value 😉 We don’t want to lose this in GCH:PE so we are actively working on solutions to easily port the base GCH workshop files into GCH:PE’s future workshop.

We hope you will enjoy 🙂