GCH: PE 3.3.0: GCH Workshop Files Integration

This update allows the use of the base GCH workshop files and provides various improvements and bug fixes. Thanks for using GCH: PE!

New features:

  • GCH: PE can now read base GCH workshop files.
  • Newly created and updated base GCH workshop files will be automatically synchronized with GCH:PE workshop
  • In gchlib command line tool: Added options -sgn and -ivs to dump pack signature (allows to easily check if two packs are equals)


  • When building a pack of resources, GCH:PE and gchlib command line tool can now discard empty colorsheets.
  • GCH and gchlib can now skip empty colorsheets when importing custom items.
  • GCH about window now displays all important GCH file locations.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue in workshop window that prevented listing subscribed files properly.
  • On steam workshop window: no longer create blank files if the “Publish new file file” wizard is aborted.
  • Fixed typos in user guide.
  • Fixed crash in gchlib command line tool when running command “list item -pck”.
  • Fixed issue in GCH where toggling show grid option would sometimes result in a crash.