Loyalty Discount now Available

Hi there,
A 50% loyalty discount is now available for all owners of Game Character Hub.

We apologize for our delay in getting this set up.
If you’ve purchased Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition in the past week that means you will have received the “launch” discount of 20% as opposed to the 50% loyalty discount. To make this up to you, we have come up with the following 2 options.

You can either receive a free Game Character Hub DLC of your choice or an equivalent amount in RPG Maker Web store credit. Please email games@degica.com with your receipt and we will set this up for you.

We also wanted to mention that for a short period of time the “loyalty” discount was stacking with the “launch” discount. This would have allowed you to purchase GCH:PE at 70% off :O This was unintended but if you got the program at that super discount, congrats!

Our next update for GCH:PE will be to release the original GCH DLCs in PE format. If you own the original DLC, you will be able to use them in PE free of charge.

Expect to see Steam Workshop compatibility following shortly after that.

Thanks for your continued support!

The Game Character Hub Team

*The loyalty discount was available during the first 3 months of release