Game Character Hub PE: 3.7

Hi all, we just got updated again, with a new main art too.

New features:

  • New gradient mapping tool
  • “Export as different hues” tool can now also vary item color with gradient mapping
  • Added about 70 built-in gradients suited for gradient mapping
  • New transparency blending mode for gradients: you can now use gradients as a transparency mask to create fade-in effects.
  • New selection tools: deselect transparent pixels, move/copy selected pixels to new layer


  • “Draw Rect” and “Draw Circle” tools got merged into a single tool that can draw many extra shapes
  • When drawing a shape, the shape can now also be rotated and flipped
  • When moving the selection pattern, pattern can now also be resized, rotated and flipped
  • When moving the selected pixels, selected pixels can now also be resized, rotated and flipped
  • Now drawing tools will show a proper preview even when drawing while holding the mouse
  • Added new alignment options when changing the frame size of the character
  • Added new parameters to RPG Maker MV character generator
  • Grow/Shrink pixel selection now offers a live preview
  • Bucket tool can now draw even if no pixels are selected

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the Edit button in the Character genenator window was ineffective
  • Fixed an issue where the Animation player would show the wrong animations when no animation is available