Game Character Hub PE: 3.8.0

The new update 3.8.0 is now live.

New features:

  • Import MV DLC tool now additionally supports: Heroine character generator 2 to 6, Beast generator parts, Zombies generator parts and Facegen generator parts. All MV generator parts DLC released today are supported.
  • Import MV DLC tool now creates character generators for the imported items.
  • gchlib command line tool can now create character generators along with items and packs


  • Base MV generator parts are refreshed, as well as previously supported MV DLCs: kids generator parts, Heroine character generator 1 and Japanese character generator 1 to 3
  • All character generators have improved quality. The overall look of the generated characters is much more consistent: no more happy smile with crying eyes, no more glasses put over a blindfold, no more hat pierced by hair, etc…
  • Import MV DLC tool now imports all MV DLCs at once

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue in gchlib command line tool that caused some items to swap color sheets.
  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur when moving characters.

Thanks for your support, everyone!